Are you planning to buy or sell a home in Massachusetts? In Massachusetts, a real estate attorney is required to be present at all closings. So what do MA real estate lawyers do? Why should you consider hiring a real estate lawyer? Buying or selling a home can be overwhelming, with several legal steps to walk through. Read on to learn more about what real estate lawyers do and what you can expect when you hire one

MA Real Estate Lawyers Facilitate Closings

One of the main reasons you look for a real estate lawyer is for closings. Massachusetts requires all closings to be facilitated by a real estate lawyer. At The Law Offices of David Brunelle, we represent buyers and sellers at closings in Western MA and Northern CT. If you want to sell your home, we provide the following services:

  • Drafting and reviewing your sales contract
  • Reviewing settlement statements
  • Negotiating contract terms with the buyer 

For buyers, we can help:

  • Examine the title 
  • Communicate between the seller and attorney
  • Review the purchase and sales agreement
  • Manage title insurance coverage
  • Confirm deed accuracy

Here are more ways a lawyer can help at your closing. 

Obtain Title Insurance

Aside from closings, real estate lawyers also help you obtain title insurance. Title insurance protects against liens and easements on your property. For example, if a previous owner had a contractor work on your home, that company could have a lien or easement on your property. MA real estate lawyers obtain title insurance to protect your property.

MA Real Estate Lawyers Review Purchase and Sale Agreements

As part of the closing process, both the buyer and seller sign a purchase and sale agreement (PSA). This document goes over the details of the contract and selling terms. The purchase and sale agreement also includes information about the closing date and other pre-approved terms. A Massachusetts real estate lawyer can draft and review the PSA. This legally binding document helps clarify predetermined details and solidifies the agreement before the closing date.

Ensure Closing Process and Paperwork Are Error Free

An important task for real estate lawyers is to comb through the closing documents and other paperwork. With any legal process, there are many documents to sign. A single error on one document can turn into a headache later on. This is true for any legal paperwork, whether it’s for closing on a home or another purpose. When you hire a real estate lawyer, you can expect them to ensure all paperwork and documentation is filled out correctly. The last thing you need to worry about is whether your paperwork is properly prepared. Leave your concerns to a trusted real estate lawyer.

Hire a Real Estate Lawyer

Ready to hire a real estate lawyer in Western MA or Northern CT? Reach out to the Law Offices of David Brunelle to learn more about our services and how we can help. Call (413) 539-5959 or email today.