The Law Offices Of David Brunelle

At The Law Offices of David Brunelle, we provide our clients with outstanding legal representation. Whether you are healing from a personal injury or filing for bankruptcy, the legal process can be overwhelming and stressful. Our team ensures that you understand the process and will explain the case to you. We are located in Holyoke, Massachusetts & Suffield, Connecticut, and practice throughout Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Our Attorneys concentrate in three types of law:

Personal Injury

Most people aren’t aware of the issues that arise from a personal injury. From slips & falls, dog bites, to auto accidents, David Brunelle will help you through the legal process.


Our bankruptcy lawyers will help you make the decision and make the process far easier than most people can imagine.

Real Estate

We have a reputation for being able to get the deal done when others can’t, and we know the process from all angles
Outstanding Legal Representation in Massachusetts & Connecticut

What sets us apart from other lawyers in Western MA and Northern CT is that when we represent you, we ensure that everything is taken care of with outstanding personal service. We simplify complex situations and tell you what to expect every step of the way. Our clients tell us all the time that we keep them calm and reduce their stress during the legal process.

Our attorneys will promptly answer your questions on your case and keep you up-to-date as we move through the legal proceedings. Our team is dedicated to making your experience a positive one. If you think you may be in need of a lawyer, call us today and our team will assess your case. If we can help you with your case, you will receive a free 30-minute consultation with David to review your situation and discuss your options.