Slip and Fall

Slip & Fall

More often than not, slip and fall accidents occur on someone else’s property, at a store or business, or on the job. These accidents can happen when the property owner has failed to prevent a dangerous condition or has not up kept the property. If you have suffered a slip and fall, you can file a claim against the property owner through a personal injury lawyer.

Conditions that can lead to a slip and fall:

  • Weather conditions like ice and snow
  • Uneven surfaces
  • Poor lighting
  • Cracks and holes in parking lots

If you believe you have a case for a slip and fall, you should contact a personal injury lawyer for more information.

Here are some steps you should take after a slip and fall:

  • Write down everything you remember: This includes the day and time, what the weather was like (if it had an effect on why you fell), what caused you to fall, and a description of your injuries.
  • Take pictures, if possible: Any pictures of either the thing that caused you to fall along with photos of your injuries will help your claim. It becomes evidence that can be used against the property owner.
  • Notify the owner: He or she should be informed of your slip and fall because it prevents the owner from claiming he or she didn’t know about the accident, and it will allow him or her to take the proper course of action to correct the issue that caused your fall.
  • Stay on top of medical care: After you get any emergency medical care that you need, you should follow up with your regular doctor and go to any other appointments you may have. Explain what your injury was and how you sustained it so they can document it in their records.

A personal injury lawyer can help you through the process of determining if you have a claim, dealing with insurance companies, trying your case in court, and what your compensation will be. Attorney David Brunelle handles personal injury cases in Western MA and Northern CT.

The team of lawyers at the Law Office of David Brunelle can help you with your slip and fall personal injury claim. If you believe you have a case because of a slip and fall accident, call the office at 413-539-5959.

Attorney David Brunelle handles personal injury cases in Western MA, including Longmeadow, West Springfield, and Holyoke, and in Northern CT, including Suffield, Enfield, and Somers.

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