Although we would all prefer this not to be the case, accidents can and do happen. Some are more dangerous and impactful than others. Pedestrian accidents, for example, are more involved than simply spilling your drink on your computer. If you have been in a pedestrian accident, how do you know your situation meets the criteria for a personal injury claim? Read on to discover some of the main causes of pedestrian accidents and what to do if you experience one.

Pedestrian accidents are when a walker or jogger is hit by a vehicle.

Weather and Natural Conditions

Whether it’s ice, rain, or some other form of inclement weather, sometimes drivers can be surprised by dangerous conditions. These conditions can cause low visibility, which in turn can mean a driver is unable to see potential concerns like pedestrians. If you regularly walk near busy roads, consider investing in reflective gear to alert vehicles of your presence, especially in hazardous conditions.

Distracted Driving

Unfortunately, drivers can get distracted by lots of things. Texting, phone calls, looking up directions, or even discussions with passengers all can lead to distracted driving. Since an accident can happen quickly, any kind of distraction can become dangerous. Even the most responsible driver can get distracted.

Unsafe Walkways

Many busy roads have designated pedestrian sidewalks and walkways, but not all. Roads with no sidewalks are more likely to have pedestrian accidents because there is no place for walkers, joggers, or bikes to go. Both vehicle operators and pedestrians should be aware when driving or walking down a road without marked designated areas.

Driver and Pedestrian Risky Behavior

Most drivers and pedestrians are responsible, but some engage in risky behavior that increases the chances of getting into an accident. For automobile operators, this can include speeding through red lights and stop signs or not yielding to other traffic laws. Children are at risk if drivers do not stop for school buses. Examples of rIsky behavior for pedestrians include walking across busy streets without following traffic lights or using designated crosswalks.

What To Do

Have you been in a pedestrian accident? The first step is to seek medical attention, even if the incident seems minor. You also want to make sure to file the information about the accident as soon as possible. Some information you may need is the driver’s name, license plate, and any evidence from potential witnesses. Once you are medically cleared and you have the information about the accident in detailed records and documents, it’s time to consider the possibility of proceeding with a personal injury claim.

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